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17 April, 2020

Acne Scarring Home Remedies

Acne scars can be a real problem for a person because they affect his or her appearance. The scar usually appears after an acne wound heals, leaving a changed colour on the skin. The challenge will be how to get rid of the scar and rejuvenate the skin. There are many ways to clear the problem including acne scarring home remedies.

It is possible to treat acne scars even though it cannot give a 100 percent healing result. There are many different treatments you can select to clear acne scars, but they often quite expensive. You should be sure to first heal the acne before going through a scar treatment for the best result.

Before deciding on taking the expensive treatments, try the acne scarring home remedies. To find out which treatment will work for you, do not forget to conduct research to avoid any mishaps that might even make things worse. Home remedies for acne scars usually are easily found at your local stores. Products that are known best to heal acne scars including olive oil, cucumbers, tomatoes, lemons, and limes. A mixture of aloevera and Vitamin E is also worth to try.


One of the mentioned acne scarring home remedies is olive oil. How exactly do you use this to treat the scars? Apply a little olive oil on the scar. The oil will moisturize the skin and return the elasticity of the skin and help fade the scar.


Aloe vera is said to have healing properties to the skin. To use it as an alternative remedy, extract the plant’s juice. For better result, mix aloe with vitamin E and apply to the skin. The mixture will moisturize and heal the skin.


To use lemon juice as a remedy, simply extract the juice and apply to the affected area. Apply it before going to bed and cleanse in the morning. Lemon’s acidity is best to treat the oily condition and cleanse the pores of your skin.

The examples of acne scarring home remedies are worth to try, before trying different chemical products. Still, even though they are natural products, make sure you are not allergic to what you decide to use.

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06 April, 2020

Effective Remedies for Curing Acne at Home.

Home Remedies for Curing Acne

Acne is a common skin problem that occurs when the pores are clogged. Some of the things that often clog the pores are dead skin cells, oils, and bacteria. There are several factors that may cause acne, that include age, hormonal, gender, environment, hygiene, and others. Most people have had problems with acne when they were teenagers. But when they grow older, the problems disappeared. However, this is not always the case. As mentioned above, other factors like hormonal, environment, hygiene, and others, can also be the causes of acne, and unfortunately, they are the ones that will not disappear by themselves. Most people choose to go to the doctor to solve their acne problems. Even though that is a good idea, it would be better if they try some home remedies for curing acne first. Home remedies for acne are simple, and they are safe so people have nothing to worry about.

People can try several home remedies for curing acne. Most of them involve ingredients that are readily available at people’s home. The most popular home remedy for acne is lemon juice. It turns out that lemon juice is not only good for drinking. People can actually use lemon juice to treat acne. The application of lemon juice is easy. To reduce acne, people should apply lemon juice to their skin. However, lemon juice does not work instantly. People need to apply it regularly. Usually, people can see the results after a few weeks. The only problem with lemon juice is that it may cause a stinging sensation when applied. People who cannot withstand the stinging sensation should use other home remedies for curing acne.

Another great alternative for people who want to try home remedies for curing acne is aloe vera. We have to admit that aloe vera is not something that is readily available at people’s home, but it is very easy to find. Aloe vera is a common plant. People can buy it at the garden centre. The plant is easy to grow, so people who plan to use aloe vera regularly can grow some in their garden. The application of aloe vera for curing acne is easy. Just like lemon juice, people need to apply the gel inside aloe vera to their skin. Aloe vera is better than lemon juice because it has healing properties. Aloe vera also strengthens the skin, and it reduces problems like swelling and redness. In fact, aloe vera also helps to reduce scarring, so it is really great for people who have been having acne problems for quite some time. Because of its excellent properties, aloe vera is listed as one of the ingredients of many acne cures in the market. But of course, it is always better to use the natural aloe vera gel from the plant.

Using home remedies for curing acne is safer than using chemicals. Home remedies are also cheaper compared to many acne cures that use chemicals. However, home remedies cannot provide instant results. People must use them for at least a few weeks before they can see the results.

Rose Water And Lemon Juice For Acne Cure

Effective Remedies for Curing Acne at Home
Lemon Juice and Rose Water 

Many people think that they need to use expensive acne gels or creams to get rid of their acne. They do not know that they can simply use rose water and lemon juice for acne cure. Natural home remedies for acne like rose water and lemon juice are safer than chemical remedies. Natural remedies are also less likely to cause allergic reactions. You don’t need to spend much money to use natural remedies. Natural remedies are cheap and easy to find in local stores. In fact, sometimes people can get them for free. People who grow rose bushes in their garden can easily pick some roses and make their own rose water.

Using rose water and lemon juice for acne cure is quite simple. The first thing that you need to do is of course to prepare the ingredients. You can create rose water yourself, but this would take much time. It is better for you to buy bottled rose water. You can get lemon for your acne treatment at a grocery store or supermarket.

To use rose water and lemon juice for acne cure, you need to create a mixture of lemon juice and rose water that contains an equal amount of both ingredients. Then, you should apply the mixture to your skin and wait for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you should wash your skin with fresh water. Just like any other natural ingredients, the mixture of lemon juice and rose water does not work quickly in relieving acne. The mixture should be applied on a daily basis for about three weeks before you can see some results. Lemon juice and rose water would help to relieve acne and reduce scars.

Lemon is not the only ingredient that you can mix with rose water to create a cure for acne. Rosewater can also be mixed with sandalwood, fenugreek, tomato juice, and others.

Be sure to post a comment about what worked for you or if you know of any other natural remedies not listed here. Please feel free to share them here with others who are part of our community. Thanks for sharing.

12 March, 2020

Corona Virus Prevention Tips: Keeping hands clean and neat is the need of the hour.

With the onset of recent Coronavirus (Covid-19), people are scared of its news and thinking about how to safeguard near and dear ones. 

In recent days, the use of hand sanitizer by people became more than washing hands. But its excessive use can also be harmful to health. If you sanitize the hand again and again, then you must know about the bad effects it causes.
According to research from the University of Melbourne, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are turning simple bacteria into superbugs that have also become resistant to extremely potent antibiotics. The reason for this is to use excessive alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Which further damage fertility. Also Read: Eating nuts increases men's fertility.

Let us know the disadvantages due to the excessive use of hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer contains a chemical called phthalates are used for fragrance; the amount of sanitizer which is high in it is harmful to us. Such highly scented sanitizers cause damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system.
Due to the amount of alcohol in the sanitizer, it can affect the health of children, especially if the children swallow it in the ignominy.
The hand sanitizer contains a chemical called triclosan, which absorbed by the skin of the hand. Due to its excessive use, this chemical is mixed with your skin while leaving your skin. After mixing in blood, it damages the ordination of your muscles.
The hand sanitizer contains toxic ingredients and benzalkonium chloride, which removes germs and bacteria from the hands but is not good for our skin. This causes skin irritation and itching.

The skin becomes dry due to its excessive use.
According to many researchers, its excessive use also reduces the immunity of children.
Overuse of it can cause infertility.


Hand Sanitizer: Correct cleaning of hands provides protection from viruses and infections, know the things related to the use of hand sanitizers

The World Health Organization (WHO) has instructed that hands should be washed regularly to avoid germs and infections. By this, the bacteria of the hands do not reach the mouth and it is easy to remain safe from infection. Soap and water are not always available. Therefore, hand sanitizers may come in handy in such a situation.

Daily hygiene is to be maintained. Apart from home, office, children's school bags, there is a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Basic Hygiene (handwashing),
Keeping in mind the use of, now hand sanitizers have also been started in restaurants, medical stores, coffee shops.

Some time back it was also reported that there is a huge shortage of hand sanitizers in medical stores and general stores in America. Because of fear of coronavirus people are using hand sanitizers. But in such a the situation, the question also arises whether the use of hand sanitizers really protects against germs and infections.

Why it is important to use Hand Sanitizer:
The World Health Organization (WHO) has directed that hands should be washed regularly to avoid germs and infections. By this, the bacteria of the hands do not reach the mouth and it is easy to remain safe from infection. Soap and water are not always available. Therefore, hand sanitizers may come in handy in such a situation.

Hand sanitizers contain alcohol. This alcohol cleans the outer layer of bacteria and viruses. So the hydroxyl present in the sanitizer cleans the inside. By this, the infection can be prevented from spreading to other parts.

Does Hand Sanitizer Protect Against Corona Virus (or Does Hand Sanitizers Effective Against Coronavirus)? :

Experts say that proper use of hand sanitizer has the advantages of preventing bacterial and viral infections. Rub it on the hands for 20 seconds to clean the back of the hands, the fingers, the palm, the surrounding areas of the nails. Then wipe it clean with a towel or tissue paper. Because infection spreads rapidly with wet hands.

Precautions for Coronavirus: 
This helps a little in the direction of preventing the spread of viruses like coronavirus.

When not to use hand sanitizer:
Do not use hand sanitizer if you have dirt and dust on your hands.
Similarly, the use of hand sanitizer in cleaning heavy metals and pesticides is not enough. Therefore, then wash hands with soap and water, not use hand sanitizer.

Antimicrobial resistance:
Using too much hand sanitizer can result in antimicrobial resistance. In this case, the hand sanitizer is not affected by the bacteria.

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06 February, 2020

5 Tips for successful health and fitness

5 Tips for successful health and fitness

Quick Fitness Tips for Men and Woman.

We all know that our routine fitness exercises and food habits will not yield great results. It's therefore useful to know what tips to follow to give you the desired results and keep you fit on an everyday basis. Sometimes we wish to get a great body and to be physically fit. Well, it is not difficult to get the desired physical figure and mental health too. What you have to do is follow simple health and fitness to have successful results. Here are some of the health and fitness tips you should follow to have successful results.

Keep track of the food intake per day

It may seem to be a nonsense issue to many, but it is very important to know the track of how many calories you eat each day in order to have a clear way of solving it and the amount to take to keep fit and healthy. On the other hand, its good to know that the exercises we do and the number of calories we take depend on whether we are building muscles or losing weight. When you re in the more to build muscles, you have to take more calories than an average person to have successful fitness. Also, the one looking forward to losing weight, it is good to do more physical exercise and therefore, you should do more exercises than the number of calories you take to have the desired results.

Do exercises daily

It is good to have exercises daily for at least 45minutes to 1 hour.  By exercise, it's not all about heavy physical activities but instead, have a moderate physical activity to keep you fit all through. When looking forward to shedding some weight, its good to do a bit on high-intensity exercise for a while like for example walk at a fast pace for an hour or run for a while to raise the metabolism to burn the excess fat in the body. With these exercises daily, you will be able to keep fit and fresh throughout the day.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is very vital for the day to day activities at it keep the body rejuvenated and fresh. Even though we work close or over 8 hours a day or even at night, we should have 6 to 8 hours a day to rest the body and make the body to be rejuvenated and to have the energy to work again. If you are at any point feeling tired from work, take a nap and rejuvenate t your body before taking an exercise.

5 Tips for successful health and fitness

Set goals

To be motivated to continue working out, it is good to have a goal and target. A positive mindset is essential to achieve a great result. Therefore, be motivated to get up every morning and every day from work to do your exercises with a positive mind and goal to achieve.

5 Tips for successful health and fitness

Eat right

By saying eat right, I mean to have the right portion of food and a well-balanced diet. It is essential to try and avoid junk foods and sugar-added foods to keep fit and healthy. Sometimes you may be tempted to have foods that are junky over healthy food, and by the end, you will have added more calories and steps back even when doing exercises. Let your food be balanced with the right diet and with a portion that you are able to take and not your stomach controlling you.

Be sure to post a comment about what worked for you or if you know of any other natural remedies not listed here. Please feel free to share them here with others who are part of our community. Thanks for sharing.

23 January, 2020

Eye Pain Causes, Diagnostics and its Treatment.

Eyeball Pain Can Tell You A Lot of Things

Eyeball Pain Can Tell You A Lot of Things

Eyeball pain for some of us describes it as sharp, dull, gritty, burning, aching, stabbing, throbbing, or sometimes a feeling of something in the eye. Sometimes we cannot differentiate or locate the exact source of pain, whether if it is a headache, pain in the sinus, or eye pain. An eyeball pain can be referred to either as an orbital pain or an ocular pain.

An ocular pain usually arises from outside structures of the eye’s surface while the orbital pain originates deep within the eye’s structures which can be felt in the eye or behind it. Eyeball pain and headache usually go hand in hand most of the times.

Causes for ocular eyeball pain include conjunctivitis or pink eye, corneal abrasions or ulcerations, chemical burns, and blepharitis. Orbital eyeball pain can be caused by glaucoma, optic neuritis, injuries, iritis, sinusitis, and migraines.

Sometimes a sinus infection is associated with throbbing pain and pressure around the eyeballs.
Eyeball Pain Can Tell You A Lot of Things


Symptoms of eyeball pain can be interpreted in many different ways. The type and pain severity pain may vary from one person to another. The person may experience pain surrounding the eyes, photosensitivity, partial or complete loss of vision, severe headache, bulging of the eyes, eye discharges, tearing, crusting, seeing halos around lights, streaks of light, and many more.

Home Remedy for Eye Pain

Eye Pain Causes, Diagnostics and its Treatment.

The easy way to treat the majority of the condition which cause eye pain to give rest to your eyes. Working with a computer screen, mobile and TV screen.

If you are using contact lenses then, please your eyes time to heal by wearing your spectacles.

Flush out any foreign body or any chemical if it is in your eye with clean water or a saline solution.  

An untreated eye problem can potentially result in diminished vision or blindness. An eyeball pain needs immediate medical attention so that it can be evaluated by your Ophthalmologist and that proper measures such application of a warm compress, antibiotic eye ointments or eye drops, antihistamines, or pain killers can be prescribed. It is also best that you comply with follow-up care with your Ophthalmologist is very crucial to properly maintain good eye hygiene and that eye infections can be avoided. 
Do not just leave your experienced symptoms unchecked if you don’t want to lose your vision.

Be sure to post a comment about what worked for you or if you know of any other natural remedies not listed here. Please feel free to share them here with others who are part of our community. Thanks for sharing.

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