23 January, 2019

Natural and Home Remedies for Toothache and Treatment for Flu

Natural and Home Remedies for Toothache and Treatment for Flu

What would you do when you have pain, toothache, flu and common cold?  Taking pain killers?  Perhaps this is the simplest natural home remedies for toothache and treatment for flu.
Spilanthes, a family member of Compositae (Asteraceae), are widely distributed throughout the tropics and sub-tropics and can be found in damp pastures, swamp margins, on rocks near the sea and as a weed on road-sides and cultivations.  It is quite common herbs used as natural home remedies in South East Asia, Malesiana and surrounding habitats. 
There are 42 known species in the genus Spilanthes.  Of these, the Spilanthesacmella (Compositae, known as “Akarkar, Pipulka” in Hindi) was well documented as remedy for toothachecold and flucoughrabies disease and tuberculosis

 Spilanthes is an important herbaceous plant that has been documented for many other beneficial properties, such as, spices, antiseptic, anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, anti-malaria, and other medicinal properties.  Besides its benefits as natural herbal remedies, it was also reported that S. acmella contained alkaloid that had potential to act as insecticide.  It was found to be able to control Aedes aegypti at Kenya.  Spilanthes acmella also possess excellent antimicrobial activities against red halophilic cocci from salted fish.
Natural and Home Remedies for Toothache and Treatment for Flu
Spilanthes acmella- Toothache plant.

Spilanthes acmella, widely known as the tooth-acheplant, is an annual herb.  It has yellow flower heads which distinguish it from other Spilanthes spp.  The flowers and leaves of S. acmella have a pungent taste accompanied by tingling numbness when it was chewed, hence stop the toothache immediately when chewed, acting as natural pain killers.  This is the simplest natural home remedies.

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The whole plant of Spilanthes acmella was claimed to possess medicinal properties.  It has been used as spice for appetizers and as folk medicines for stammering, toothache, stomatitis and various types of throat complaints.  It was employed to produce a profuse salivation and stimulation for curing headaches. 
Natural and Home Remedies for Toothache and Treatment for Flu

In India, the flowers were chewed to relieve toothache and the crushed plants were used in rheumatism.  The leaves were also eaten raw or as a vegetable by many tribes of India. 
In Java, dried flower heads of Spilanthes acmella were sold in markets for its use in managing sore mouth
A decoction of the plant was taken orally as natural diuretics and to resolve kidney stones and a decoction of roots was used as a purgative.  Spilanthes acmella was also reported to possess haemostatic and analgesic properties.

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