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    Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light - Theodore Roethkke

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    Nature itself is the best physician - Hippocrates.

  • Herbal Cures

    The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator. Science brings men nearer to God. -Louis Pasteur.

17 August, 2019

Healthy Hair with Natural/Herbal Remedies -Herbal Cures

 Healthy Hair with Natural/Herbal Remedies

Herbs for Natural Hair care

Herbs have been being used for full of illness hair given very old times. Aloe, Catmint, Sage, Rosemary, Horsetail, Nettles, Parsley, Arnica, Birch have been the little of the many ordinarily used spices for full of illness hair. Till date we contingency have attempted during slightest hundreds of conditioners, shampoos or serum for which sleek buoyant hair. Have we ever suspicion of regulating spices to provide your lifeless as good as shop-worn hair? Yes. But undeveloped about the benefits opposite spices will provide!!!

Here have been a couple of spices as good as the benefits we will suffer from them.

Sage: This herb takes cares of all the hair requirements. It is profitable in treating greasy hair, dandruff as good as alternative scalp infection. It solves your hair detriment complaint as good as additionally restores the hair color. 

Rosemary: It acts as nourishment to your flaky as good as dry scalp. It is the most appropriate herb to heal your dandruff. It even delayed downs the graying as good as the maturation of your hair.

Hibiscus :

Hibiscus ( Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis) is a shrub widely cultivated in the tropical area as an ornamental plant and has several forms with varying colors of flowers. Generally, red-colored hibiscus type is used for medicinal purposes.

Researchers have found that Hibiscus leaves and flowers are observed to be promoters of hair growth. Traditionally, Hibiscus leaves have also been used for their anti-greying properties. 3. Rosemary Rosemary has been used in folk medicine to stimulate hair growth as a rinse for many centuries. The most important constituents of rosemary are thought to be caffeic acid and its derivatives such as rosmarinic acid; these compounds have antioxidant effects.

This plant is used against various hair and scalp disorders, such as early baldness or dandruff and is frequently used as a component of shampoos and conditioners.
Rosemary acid present in Rosemary is claimed to promote blood circulation and increases hair growth.

Chamomile flowers

Chamomile: It is profitable in determining your hair tumble rate. It additionally enhances the expansion of latest hair follicle as good as your hair health. 

Burdock Root: It reduces the hair tumble as good as encourages your hair growth. 

Butterfly Pea: It has been a critical part of very old Thai herbal disinfectant used to provide hair loss. It was additionally used to provide beforehand graying of the hair. 

Indian Gooseberry: 

It is rarely profitable in restoring the normal astringency turn off your hair. Otherwise known as Amla, this traditional Indian herb is rich in Vitamin C, tannins and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, and calcium. A fixed oil is obtained from the Indian Gooseberry, which is used to strengthen and promote hair growth. The dried fruit, which improves the cleanliness of the hair,  has long been used as an important ingredient of traditional shampoos and hair oils.

Herbal recipe for full of illness hair:

Boil during slightest 4 tablespoons of dusty thyme for 15-10 mins with 2 cups of water. Cool as good as aria it, afterward rub the body your scalp with this resolution as good as leaving it for during slightest 1 hour. Rinse your hair with warm water. 

Beat dual egg yolks with half crater of H2O afterward rub the body your scalp for during slightest 10 minutes with this mixture. After withdrawal, it for a couple of mins wash your hair with warm water. For most appropriate formula after rinsing with transparent water, wash your hair with the resolution of apple cider old wine (2 tablespoons) as well as water. 
You can even operate sugar unguent as the scalp moisturized. To hope for sugar unguent brew 3 teaspoons of sugar with the 1/8 gallon of water. This unguent will supplement the additional gleam to your lifeless hair.

Otherwise known as Amla, this traditional Indian herb is rich in Vitamin C, tannins and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, and calcium. A fixed oil is obtained from the Indian Gooseberry, which is used to strengthen and promote hair growth.


Eucalyptus is known for increasing both hair elasticity and hair glossiness. 
One study by Mamada et al. (2012) asked testers to use a scalp lotion which contained eucalyptus extract on a long-term basis. All testers recognized an improvement in hair luster and bounce in the root part of the hair. Mainstream manufacturers use eucalyptus in ‘root awakening’ formulations.
Another study also examined the use of eucalyptus (together with Mexican Mint) for its use in anti-dandruff formulations.

Eucalyptus was found to have anti-fungal activities against the main fungus found in dandruff.

Benefits of herbal hair care:

Maximum spices assistance in stealing as good as cleaning the toxins as good as rubbish products from your scalp. 

Using herbal or full of health products assures we which there will be no side effects. 
They raise your hair strength as good as supplement the protecting cloak to your hair shafts. 

Mainly protects your full of illness hair from wickedness as good as from serving damage.

05 August, 2019

Natural Remedies For Anxiety and Depression

Natural Remedies For Anxiety and Depression

What is Anxiety /Depression?

If you could use natural remedies for anxiety instead of dangerous drugs or expensive psychotherapy sessions, would you? It might appear that these popular methods are more effective or healthy for you, but perhaps they aren’t as good for you as you might think. You might want to reconsider how natural remedies for anxiety could help without all of the costs and side effects associated with more conventional treatments.

Anxiety Disorders

Clinical depression is defined as “a serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, how you think, and how you act.” There are many people who are depressed not only from their environment or their attitude but also from biochemical problems within their bodies. This is where depression stops being something that you can fix by your daily habits and becomes something you need to treat. Of course, natural remedies for anxiety are the better choice, as you will soon see.

Natural Remedies For Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments 

Consider the drugs out there for treating anxiety. They are intended as anti-depressants, and their job is to help people “feel” better. Unfortunately, they often do more harm than good, and even the people they do help might only experience a temporary boost that lasts only while they are on the drugs. The way most anti-depressants work is by artificially changing the balance of natural hormones in the brain, especially serotonin. When the drugs are changing your biochemical makeup, they can reduce your feelings of anxiety, but they can also cause you to feel a number of other side effects that you don’t want. These include drowsiness, clumsiness, slurred speech, disorientation, lightheadedness, impaired judgment, memory loss, nausea, blurred vision, and even depression! How does that help?

These drugs can cause emotional numbness, which is why you don’t feel anxiety. However, you also don’t feel pleasure or pain, and that’s not really much of a life. There are also paradoxical effects, like feeling sedate and excited at the same time. This confusion can lead to irritability, agitation, and even increased anxiety! Again, how does that help? Then, there are even worse possible side effects like mania, rage, and hallucinations. Add to this the possibility of complications when taking other drugs, the danger of an overdose, and the fact that they sometimes make your anxiety worse, and you might see how they fail to address the problem.

Now, when it comes to psychotherapy sessions, the goal is to help you work through your issues in a free and comfortable environment. One problem is the very high premium on this kind of help; in other words, you’ll pay a lot for the privilege of telling someone your problems. Second, if your anxiety is truly a result of your biochemicals and not your circumstances, no amount of talking can really change the problem. And you’ll probably continue to be anxious about the psychotherapy bills piling up.
Instead, why not try natural remedies for anxiety? They can work with your body to improve the balance of biochemicals and actually fix what’s wrong without causing the severe side effects and charging you so much. If you or a loved one is suffering, you really should look into natural remedies for anxiety.

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