26 January, 2019

Natural Hair Dye With Herbs

Natural Hair Dye

Natural Hair Dye With Herbs

Nowadays, hair color has become a fashion sign along with a trend. People have feeling that such a concept that people who color their hair are very fashionable and trendy. But perhaps they do not know that the chemicals used in making hair colors are very harmful to hair. These not only make hair rough but also make hair roots weak. So today we are suggesting you the natural ways of coloring the hair at home and go for natural hair dye!  Here are the steps for preparing for a natural hair dye!

Hair coloring is one of the very common menus in every modern saloon.  There’re plenty of colors or dyes available today.  One may change their hair colors anytime and with any colors.  However, there’re some voices concerning the possible harmful chemical content in commercial hair dye.
Good news is that we’re surrounded by many natural products.  We’re blessed with many plants where natural hair dye can be obtained. 

Natural Hair Dye With Herbs
Impatients balsamina / Garden Balsam

In continuing with my previous post regarding hair loss treatment, the Impatients balsamina, (English: the Garden Balsam; Malay: Pokok Keembong; Chinese: feng xian hua) can also be used as natural hair dye
The preparation for natural hair dye using the Impatients balsamina is similar to the remedy for hair loss treatment.  Here are the steps:
1.     Collect a handful of leaves
2.     Wash with running water
3.     Get 2 – 3 stalks of Aloe vera, peel off the skin
4.     Blend the leaves and Aloe vera thoroughly
5.     Wear gloves and squeeze the blended leaves and Aloe vera to obtain the juice
6.     Squeeze some lemon or lime into the juice and mix it well
7.     Apply the juice on hair and massage gently, remember to put on gloves as the juice may contain natural dye
8.     You may also want to wear a shower cap
9.     Leave the herbal application for 1 – 2 hours
10. Wash away with water
11. Repeat the steps whenever needed
You may have beautiful and natural hair colors.  Be careful not to leave it too long or otherwise, the color may be too bright.
It’s a totally natural herbal preparation, simple, and 100% home recipe!
Alternatively, you may also want to replace the leaves with Hibiscus leaves for similar effect.
Below are some more natural ingredients for natural hair dye-
Natural Hair Dye With Herbs

1.     Coffee Beans- Natural Brown Shade

If you think that coffee is used only for drinking, then forget it now. Because of the use of coffee, you can also give natural brown shades to your hair. how? For this, add coffee in henna and paste it well. You can also add 1 lemon juice to this paste. Now let it dry for about 2 to 3 hours after applying it in your hair. After this wash the hair with normal water. You will see that your hair turns to a natural brown shade.
Natural Hair Dye With Herbs

Natural Hair Dye With Herbs

Like coffee, black tea can help you go darker, and can also help cover up gray hairs. To treat lighter hair, there are other verities of Tea you can use. Chamomile is recommended for blondes. The longer you leave the tea on the hair, the more noticeable the color will get a darker shade. You can also try repeated applications.
The main point is to make the tea decoction highly concentrated. Make use of  3-5 teabags (or about the same amount in regular tea powder) for two cups of water. Apply the cooled tea decoction on hair,  alone or mix with conditioner (as mentioned in the coffee recipe). If you desire to cover up grey hairs, then mix with some fresh or dried sage,  it helps open up the hair follicles.
Allow the hair for at least an hour or more if you want more color.  Even you can put on a water-resistant cap and wear it overnight, then rinse the following morning. Check your hair color after wash to determine the darkness of hair.
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Depending on what type of hair color you desire to have. Following are some suggestions, each herb has its own shade-
Blonde hair:  Chamomile tea, Calendula, marigold, sunflower, and saffron are useful in Blonde hair shade. Use these herbs in two cups of water, boil them and strain then pour over hair.  You can add black tea to get darker colors.
Dark Hair / Brunette: Sage, Nettle, and Rosemary are useful to get dark hair shades. Boil all the three with simmer for half an hour, cool it, strain and apply to hair with a  brush. Allow this to about an hour.  Continue this process for a few days after a shower. You will notice the results after a few days. 
Red Hair: Rosehips, Marigold, Calendula, and hibiscus are prominent herbs in imparting red shade to hair.  Continued use of this natural dye will impart more noticeable shade. Occasionally you can boil above flowers for half an hour on simmer, then cool and strain. Spray this liquid on the hairs and dry in the sun if possible.


Natural Hair Dye With Herbs

Beetroot is also effective
If you want natural and dark red sheds in your hair, then you can feel free to use beetroot. For this, add at least one glass of beetroot juice in some carrot juice and after that mix well on your hair. Leave it for about one to two hours. Wash the hair when these juices begin drying in the hair.


Natural Hair Dye With Herbs

Rosemary or henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a flowery plant that has been used to color skin, hair, skin, and wood since ancient times. Rosemary leaves contain a red-orange coloring agent, whose shade relies on the natural color of the hair of the user.- There is no such thing as black henna. In order to give black color to the hair, so-called natural hair color is mixed with chemicals, metallic salts or other ingredients obtained from other plants.

Natural Hair Dye With Herbs
Method of applying  Mehndi -
Using the henna, to give hair almost black color, you can add natural Indigo flowers to it.
- Shades coming from Indigo (Neel in Hindi)  are available from light brown to the black range when found with henna. In this mixture, lemon juice or apple vinegar (apple cider vinegar) can be mixed, with acid coloring on the hair with good acidity. In the mixture of henna, mixing tea with a strong concentration of coffee, hair whiteness gets covered well.


Natural Hair Dye With Herbs

Many lemons will be required to make lemon dye. Take the lemons according to the length of your hair, with which these lemon dyes can be worn in your hair. Or, lemon as much as you want to use lemon dye in your hair. Now, take out the juice properly in a bowl of half a lemon.
How to use Lemon juice for Natural Dye:-
a )   Boil lemons
Cut half the lemons left in four pieces and boil it in one cup of water. Mix lemon juice in this hot lemonade. Keep in mind that juice and water are in equal proportion. If your hair is too dry, then mix orange juice and natural conditioners in this mixture. Use aloe vera, curd or egg as a natural conditioner.
b )   Apply on hair
Now divide this mixture into two parts. Fill one part in a bottle of spray and apply the other part well in the hair. After applying this lemon mixture well in the hair, use the spray gun to that part of that hair which you want to highlight. Put this natural lemon dye in the hair in such a way that your hair should be fully covered with lemon juice.
 c) Sitting in the sun
Now dry this wet hair in the sun. It is better to apply this juice in the early morning and try it in the early sun. It is better to apply sunscreen lotion to face and hands. Drying hairs in the sun will induce better color shade to hair and also body will get Vitamin D.
c     Wash now
After sitting in the sun for one hour or more, wash the hair well with lukewarm water. Now apply the condition of good quality hair in the hair and let it dry for two to three minutes. Then wash the hair. Now let the hair dry. Do this for two to three weeks. This will also result in the conditioning of your hair and hair will also be highlighted.

7. WALNUTWalnut experiment

Natural Hair Dye With Herbs

The use of walnuts keeps hair colorful for long periods of time. You can use walnut shells for this. For this, first, make a paste by grinding walnut shells. After that, boil this paste by adding a little water on sim flame for at least half an hour. Now put this paste on the hair after cooling. When dry, wash hair with cold or lukewarm water. To save time you can use walnut powder instead of the shells.

8. Carrot - is also colorful

Using a carrot can also give hair the defended radish shade. For this, you take some carrots before they take out their juice. Now you wash your hair with this juice. If you want to paint some limited hair, then wash the same hair with this juice. Now let the juice stay like this for at least an hour and then wash your hair with normal water. On doing this twice your hair will be rediscovered naturally.

Enjoy the colors “ahead”!
If you know any other herbs for hair color do mention in below comment section. 

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