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22 December, 2018

Natural Remedies for Muscle Cramps / Spasms

Natural Remedies for Muscle  Cramps / Spasms

Natural Remedies for Muscle  Cramps / Spasms

Muscle cramps are a symptom rather unpleasant sensation of pain and discomfort. It can denote circulation problems or lack of nutrients in the body such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, among other reasons. They appear suddenly and can affect any muscle. Anyone can have but athletes and the elderly are most susceptible. Once the muscle cramp occurs there is little to be done rather getting hit and then relax the muscle so that the pain goes away and can be repeated several times.  If the person usually has the problem of cramps, it is recommended to perform certain activities and use home remedies to prevent the occurrence of the same.
Natural Remedies for Muscle  Cramps / Spasms

Home Remedies for Cramps-

  • Drink one tablespoon of a mixture prepared with honey with apple cider vinegar in a cup of water, which is effective in fixing the calcium level within the body and prevents the onset of cramps.  
  • It is advised to eat foods rich in potassium such as bananas and tomatoes and other citrus fruits and vegetables regularly; it helps in avoiding the cramps. 
  • A healthy and balanced natural diet is also essential to avoid pain or muscle cramps.
Natural Remedies for Muscle  Cramps / Spasms

  • Drinking celery juice and grapefruit crop help to prevent cramps regularly. Preparing a blend with a little celery and clean water and then squeezing a grapefruit and mixing the two liquids will make it appear like a juice. The intake should be 1 cup daily.  
Natural Remedies for Muscle  Cramps / Spasms

  • Perform cold and then warm compresses for a shock that activates and increases blood circulation and thus does not suffer from muscle cramps and therefore, no pain. 
  • Taking a bat with mustard seeds is also a very common natural therapy for muscle cramps.  

Preventive Actions to Avoid Muscle Cramps-

The cramps can be avoided but should incorporate healthy habits for the muscles to be strong with the necessary nutrients required for avoiding muscle cramps. Following the below mentioned natural ways will also help in avoiding cramping up of muscles.
Natural Remedies for Muscle  Cramps / Spasms

1.      Water: The cramps occur more easily when there is some degree of dehydration. Adequate hydration is recommended, which can be obtained via drinking water.
2.      Magnesium: Magnesium is involved in muscle relaxation. Its deficiency causes muscle spasms. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower, sesame is an excellent source of magnesium. Moreover, nuts oil seeds and legumes are also useful.      Magnesium should be kept in balance with other minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium so that the neuro-muscular system functions properly.
3.      Potassium: The lack of potassium due to diarrhea, vomiting or diuretic medications predisposes to own muscle spasms cramps. All fruits and vegetables, especially bananas are good sources of potassium.
4.      Vitamin B: Lack of it can promote cramping, especially B2 and B6. The wheat germ and brewer’s yeast are good sources of these vitamins.
5.      Cleansers: Broth-based cleansers with onion are highly recommended, as they contain alkalizing minerals.
6.      Fruit: Fruits are rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium, as well as providing water and a certain amount of vitamins B2 and B6.
Natural Remedies for Muscle  Cramps / Spasms

The best natural cure for muscle spasms is to control them before they happen, and this can be done by maintaining the intake of electrolyte and hydration and not exceed appropriate limits of muscular works of the human body. Moreover, if your lifestyle is sedentary and has several night cramps of vascular origin, which happens due to poor blood circulation, it is advised to take a series of stretching exercises for the legs.
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03 November, 2018

Psoriasis – How to control and what would be your Diet.

Living with Psoriasis – Tips & Tricks

What is Psoriasis?

According to MedicalNewsToday.com website, the definition of Psoriasis is -   “Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that mainly affects the skin. It is non-contagious. A reddish, scaly rash - often referred to as red, scaly patches - is commonly found over the surfaces of the scalp, around or in the ears, the elbows, knees, navel, genitals, and buttocks.”

So we can summarize that Psoriasis is a recurring autoimmune disorder characterized by red, flaky patches on the skin.  Psoriasis can occur on any part of the body and is associated with other serious health conditions, such as Heart disease, diabetes, and depression.  Psoriasis is the most common autoimmune disease in the U.S.  Approximately there are 7.5 million Americans have psoriasis.
Psoriasis triggers are not universal. A factor cause one person may not affect another person.
Well explained psoriasis triggers include Medications, Skin injury, Stress, in some people the cause  may be  diet, allergy, and weather, etc.,

Understanding the Psoriasis –

Even though Psoriasis affects our skin, psoriasis actually begins deep inside our body in our immune system.
There are T cells, a type of white blood cells. T cells are designed to protect the body from disease and infection. When these cells wrongly become active and set off other immune responses, it can lead to psoriasis symptoms.
In normal healthy skin, our body takes about 28 to 30 days to produce new skin cells and shed off old skin cells.

 Natural Remedies for Psoriasis- 

It is advised that before taking any herbal remedy for your psoriasis talk with your doctor. Be noted that some herbal remedies should not be taken when if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have pre-existing medical issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure or mood disorders. Stop the herbal remedy immediately if you experience side effects and inform your health care provider 
Following are some of Home / Herbal / Natural remedies which may help to counter the psoriasis symptoms:-
  1. Aloe Vera       
    Psoriasis – How to control and what would be your Diet.
                                                                                                                                                    Apply Aloe Vera gel to the skin for two to three times a day. It will reduce the redness and scaling associated with psoriasis.  Or buy creams containing at least 0.5 % aloe.                      
    Psoriasis – How to control and what would be your Diet.
    Apple cider vinegar with honey
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar                                                                                                                    Use of Apple cider vinegar is as a disinfectant is known since ages. Apply Organic apple cider vinegar daily. To be careful that this should not be applied to the open wounds or cracked/ bleeding skin.                                                        
  3. Dietary supplement                                                                                                                Dietary supplements like Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Oregon grape, Milk thistle, and evening primrose oil will help in easing mild symptoms of psoriasis.                                 
    Psoriasis – How to control and what would be your Diet.
  4. Diet                                                                                                                                               Eat healthy food. Cold water dry fruits, nuts, Omega-3 fatty acids are believed that they will reduce inflammation. It is believed that red meat and oily snacks trigger flare-ups, so avoid them will help in reducing flare-ups.                  
    Psoriasis – How to control and what would be your Diet.
  5. Epson Salt                                                                                                                                  Add Epson salt or Dead Sea salts to your warm bathing water. Soaking your affected palm or feet in this water for about 15minutes  daily may help to remove scales and reduce itching. Not to forget applying moisturizer immediately after this treatment.         
    Psoriasis – How to control and what would be your Diet.
  6. Turmeric                                                                                                                             Turmeric is known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turmeric contains Curcumin as an active ingredient has the ability to alter gene expression.  This may be the reason few patients find it useful in decreasing psoriatic flares.                                              A study conducted and reported in PubMed.gov regarding molecular mechanisms of curcumin action: gene expression says that -  [……. Based on its ability to affect multiple targets, curcumin has the potential for the prevention and treatment of various diseases including cancers, arthritis, allergies, atherosclerosis, aging, neurodegenerative disease, hepatic disorders, obesity, diabetes, psoriasis, and autoimmune diseases. This review summarizes the molecular mechanisms of modulation of gene expression by curcumin.]
  7.     Oregon Grape (Mahonia Aquifolim)                                                                                        This is a powerful antimicrobial herb that plays a significant role in the immune response. Clinical trials show that applying a cream having 10% Oregon grape is useful in treating mild to moderate psoriasis.                                      
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In addition to the above remedies, one has to follow the following self-care- 

  1. Stop Smoking                                                                                                                     Smoking may increase psoriasis symptoms more frightful.                                                                     
  2.   Avoid alcohol                                                                                                                              Alcohol consumption may have different effects on your psoriasis including Psoriasis flares, Dry skin, Lower psoriasis treatment response.                                                                                       
  3. Expose yourself to the Sun.                                                                                                       Exposing yourself to the Sun (ultraviolet light rays) is known as a Light therapy. Repeated exposure to Ultraviolet light can help to slow down the growth of skin cells which was triggered by psoriasis.  This therapy should be done under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Other than the above applying moisturizers and coal tar can be used as a home remedy for Psoriasis. More information on Psoriasis is available at www.psoriasis.org
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12 October, 2018

How to Control Hair fall ?- Part 2

How to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth 

10 Tips with Natural Ingredients - Part 2

The problem of hair fall in earlier times occurred after 35-40 years of age, but in the present day life, young people are struggling with the problem of hair loss.

Having long hair and black hair is equally important. In continuation of our article - How to Control Hair fall and Regrow Hair? Here is Part 2 with some more tips with natural ingredients.

Guava leaves

6. Guava leaves 

Boil the leaves of guava in one liter of water and boil until the water turns black. After this, filter the water, cool and apply it on to the hair roots. By applying this decoction repeatedly, you will get rid of the problem of hair loss in no time.


1   7. Hibiscus

i.e. flowers of Jaswant Hibiscus i.e. Jaswant's flowers are considered to be effective for any hair problem. For this, cook the jasmine flowers in coconut oil until the oil turns black. Allow this oil to cool down and apply it to the roots in the hair. Use this oil for head massage daily, hair loss will stop and all the problems related to hair will end.


8. Onion

 Onion juice is very beneficial in hair fall control. So cut the onions and massage them to the roots of the hair, or take out the juice and apply it to the hair roots. This will help you get rid of from the problem of hair loss. In fact, onion enhances the amount of collagen in the hair, which increases the hair growth.

9. Coconut milk : 

Coconut milk has Potassium, minerals, and Protein, which is very effective in hair loss treatment. Vitamin-E in coconut keeps hairs moisturized, which does not cause dryness.
How to use? -  Take a cup of coconut milk and add this milk to the root of the hair with the help of a brush. After properly applying, wrap the hair with a towel and leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it with a good shampoo.

     10. Neem water

It is well-known fact that Neem is excellent antibacterial so help get rid of dandruff.  A major cause of hair loss is an infection, Neem water makes the roots stronger by eliminating the bacteria present in our head.
 Take 10-15 Neem leaves and boil in a  vessel of water until the water is half of the original quantity. Bring this water to cool down. Now after shampooing the head, wash your hair with this neem water. Take home remedies once a week to prevent hair loss. 

I hope the above 10 Natural ingredients combinations will definitely arrest hair fall control and start hair regrowth process.  We will come back with some more tips soon. If you have not read Part 1 of this article please click here.

07 October, 2018

How to Control Hair fall and Regrow Hair?

How to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth 

10 Tips with Natural Ingredients


Losing a regular amount of hair is a very common procedure, but sometimes your hair starts to fall too much, which becomes quite stressful for you.
Hair fall has become a fast-spreading causes today. To prevent hair fall, many people consider changing shampoo very much. There might be some relief found on the top, but there may be several reasons for hair fall inwardly. Insufficient proper nutrition, there may be any type of infection in the hair or sometimes genetic causes. Therefore, to prevent hair loss, let's discuss in detail.


Following are few therapies can be followed independently or in combination –

 1.    In daily routine, Keep these things in mind for hair fall control. 

  • Massage the lukewarm oil at least 3-4 hours before you shampoo.
  • Massaging with mustard or coconut oil is more beneficial.
  • Do not comb into wet hair anytime. Combing wet hair causes pulling of hair roots and then they become weak.
  • Eat nutritious food.
  • Do not leave hair open. Open only when necessary.
  • Whenever you use shampoo and oil, use it continuously. Repeated changes in Oil, Shampoo often weaken the scalp.
  • Sunlight and dust make the roots of hair weak, and when exposed to them the hair becomes stingy and lifeless.
  • Fungal infection- there are some types of skin diseases in the head due to which due to fungal infections, the hair starts to come out of the root. 

image source- wikipedia 

2.  Shikakai (Acacia concinna)-

Shikakai is considered to be the most effective for hair, it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Anti-oxidant, Antifungal, and Anti-infection properties. It is a best natural conditioner. Shikakai is better for good blood circulation in the scalp, so that the nutrients needed for hair reach the hair. This reduces hair loss, Shikakai is very effective in blackening the hair, if the hair is getting white. Shikakai also makes the hair naturally strong shiny.
 3  3.  Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is considered to be the best for hair. Add a little bit of gooseberry oil in about 20 ml of coconut oil, mix two teaspoon lemon juice and then massage the head,  and leave it for a while. Wash the head with a good shampoo after 20 minutes. Do this at least 4 times a week. Doing so will gradually end the problem of hair loss.

4. Fenugreek Seeds

Take a few fenugreek seeds  (Methi seeds) and fry them in coconut oil. After cooling, massage it the hair roots of the head. Do this way 2-3 times a week. Fenugreek seeds ingredients help in preventing hair loss.

     5. Mustard Oil with Henna

Mustard oil with Henna (Lawsonica Inermis / Mignonette tree / Egyptian privet) generally people tend to have henna flashes and colors in the head, but people know little less that henna also prevents hair from falling.  Historically Henna is widely used in the Arabian Peninsula, Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and some parts of North Africa.  Henna boosts scalp health, unclogs pores and balances pH levels then stops hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth.
Boil some rosemary leaves in mustard oil and massage the head with that oil when it gets cold. Massage this way 2-3 times in a week and in a short time, the hair loss will stop.


22 September, 2018

Lose weight fast naturally home remedies

8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally with simple steps

Here are the easy ways to lose weight. When it comes to weight reductions Protein is the ruler of the nutrients, so just add Protein to your diet.

Bad lifestyle and wrong eating habits are not only diseases but also the body's obesity. 
Today every other person in the world is troubled by his stomach. Due to obesity, there is an 
impact on blood pressure, diabetes and even kidney. There are many people who spend
hours in the gym to reduce obesity and eat tasteless food.

But do you know that you can reduce the weight of around 1 kg in 1 day. Yes, by making slight changes in your normal routine life, you can easily reduce weight by 1 kg. You will not have to get too involved in this and will remain in the stomach by staying a little alert.

Losing weight or lowering the stomach is not as difficult as it is usually understood. Here are the tricks you can help to reduce your fat in 1 day. If you remain alert about these things, then comfortably feel the weight difference in one day.


1. Drink water

Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water throughout the day. If possible, start drinking water with lukewarm water in the morning. It is extremely important to drink hot water to get rid of the body's dirt. Metabolic activity will start growing and you will start to become slim when your body becomes detoxed.

Herbal Tip: Add one spoon of honey to the lukewarm water daily in the morning before eating anything.

2. Daily Exercise

To reduce obesity, keeping the body active is very important. If you have time go for walking, jogging or climbing stairs which burn fat. You should stroll both times in the morning and evening. This will keep your weight and BP in control and will reduce body weight as soon as possible

3. Dietary protein

Protein-rich diet for weight loss is very beneficial. It also helps in reducing your obesity, along with it reduces your appetite and makes you feel full of stomach.
Protein contributes significantly to reducing obesity. If you cannot eat non-vegetarian food, then take cottage cheese, curd, pulses and rajma for protein. Protein suppresses your appetite, which reduces the desire to eat frequently.
Herbal Tip: Fruits like papaya, Orange, Pomegranate, watermelon are believed to control body weight.

4. Sugar

To reduce obesity, you should keep away yourself from sugary sweets and chocolates. Because they slow down your body's metabolism. Excessive sugar intake, along with obesity, increases the risk of many dangerous diseases. Also keep yourself away from processed food in your daily use.

Tip: Avoid fasting. Fasting leads to more eating.


To lose weight, you must have breakfast in the morning and should eat dinner for two to two and a half hours before going to bed. By doing this, the first food will be digested by your stomach and will not cause an accumulation of fat. By eating late at night and sleeping immediately after dinner will cause an increase in body weight. Keep in mind that at night, eat less salty food. With this method, the weight will start decreasing quickly.


6. Say No To Fast food

You should restrict eating fast foods and soft drinks like a burger, pizza, bakery products, and cold drinks as these contain a high amount of Salt and oil lead to accumulation of fats in the body.


Start eating more fruits & vegetables. Fruits have a sufficient amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They will prevent you from diseases and disorders also stop eating more.

Herbal Tip:  Drink Green tea which is full of antioxidants and helpful to burn stubborn fat of the stomach.  Drinking green tea or Tulsi tea without sugar increases degree of its benefits in multiple times. 


8. Few Super Foods to lose weight

a)  Avocados: Majority of fruits are high in carbs but Avocados are rich in monounsaturated oleic acid ( same factor found in olive oil). Avocados contain a lot of water, fiber and potassium.
b) Whole Eggs: Eggs are rich in nutrients so suppresses appetite and helps in weight loss.
c) Leafy Greens:  Leafy greens have several properties with low in calories and carbohydrates and loaded with fiber.  Leafy greens make more meal volume with less calorie intake, so gives a feeling of eating more avoids less consumption.
d) Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is a favorite ingredient in the natural health community. It gives a feeling of fullness and reduces blood sugar spikes after meals.
e) Chia Seeds: Chia seeds are rich in dietary fiber. Chia seeds absorb can absorb up to 10 times of their weight in water and turning gel-like mass which gives a feeling of fullness and curbs less calorie intake.
f) Citrus Fruits: It is been believed that citrus fruits like Oranges, lime & grapefruits are high in fiber and water, these can help us feel full.  

Now follow the above simple tips and watch. Your belly fat, Obesity will be reduced in  few weeks.

03 September, 2018

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Holy Basil or Tulsi.

Benefits of Holy Basil / Tulsi

Holy basil (Ocimum Sanctum) considered a sacred plant in Hindu Religion. Also commonly called Tulsi or Thulasi. The health benefits of Holy Basil are numerous. Holy basil is an aromatic perennial plant belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Holy Basil has a long history in Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha medicinesTulsi plant is cultivated for religious and medicinal purposes, and for its essential oil. Tulsi plant grows abundantly in the tropical and sub-tropical regions like Indian subcontinent Southeast Asian countries. In India, Tulsi is also cultivated for use in Ayurvedic medicines.  Holy basil is known as Kaphrao in the Thai language and finds its use in Thai cuisine. Because of its extraordinary qualities,  the Holy Basil or Tulsi has been worshiped and highly valued in India for thousands of years.  There is a practice in India to add few leaves of Holy Basil / Tulsi into the drinking water or food and it is believed that it will purify and kill the germs within.


Studies show that Holy basil contains:-

  • Vitamin A & C,
  • Calcium,
  • Iron,
  • Calcium
  • Camphor
  • Potassium
  • Essential oil containing eugenol,
  • Flavonoids, Anti-oxidants et
As per the article in J-AIM (Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine) research on Tulsi found that – “There is mounting evidence that tulsi can address physical, chemical metabolic and psychological stress through a unique combination of pharmacological actions. Tulsi has been found to protect organs and tissues against chemical stress from industrial pollutants and heavy metals, and physical stress from prolonged physical exertion, ischemia, physical restraint and exposure to cold and excessive noise.”

 The health benefits of holy basil are utilized in oral care, treatment of fever, asthma, lung disorders, oral care, skin diseases,  stress management, and the list goes on.  Holy Basil is considered as a potent Adaptogen ( a non-toxic substance which is especially a plant extract that increases the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promotes normal physiological functioning) 

Amazing Health Benefits of Holy Basil are as below:-


1. Fever 

Holy basil is a potent antibiotic, fungicidal, germicidal and a disinfectant agent so protects our body from all sorts of viral, bacterial and fungal infections.  These properties make Holy basil a healer in Fever since it destroys all those pathogens. 
It is a well-known fact that consuming the decoction of Basil leaves and powder of ginger with pepper powder results in curing fever.

2. Treating Asthma

The asthma patient should take the blend of Tulsi crush, black pepper with salt.  Also, the leaves and flowers of Holy basil are utilized in home remedies for the relief of respiratory illness.

3. Amplify Immunity

Holy basil knows for amplifying the immune system, it protects the majority of infections from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Laboratory studies show that Holy basil is helpful in inhibiting the growth of carcinogenic (cancer-causing) cells.

4. Sugar control

Holy basil is known for a vital role in the well-being and restorative benefits of treating Diabetes. The decoction of Basil seeds is used for controlling glucose and the administration of diabetes.  This can be also used for weight loss benefits.

5. Dental Cures

Health benefits of Holy basil are utilized in curing mouth ulcers.
We can prepare herbal toothpaste with the powder of Holy Basil leaves with mustard oil, camphor. Using the juice of basil leaves with camphor for a toothache, and mouth ulcers. This juice acts as a protector of microscopic organisms and germs present in our oral hygiene. 


                   Home Remedies for Cough

6. Treats Kidney stones

Kidney stones that are caused by deposition of  Calcium oxalate in the urinary bladder and urinary tract can be relieved by drinking of Basil juice along with the Honey. This acts as a detoxifier and decreases the level of uric corrosion in the body.  Anti-inflammatory properties of basil useful in decreasing the pain caused by kidney stones

7. Skin Care

 Consuming the juice of Tulsi on a routine basis helps to keep our skin free from all infections. Rubbing Basil leaves or its oil on the skin keeps mosquitoes and other insects away.   Chemical ingredient Camphene present in the Holy Basil provides a soothing and cooling effect to the skin and the whole body. Dropping a few of Holy basil leaves into our bathing water useful in keeping skin diseases away.

8.  Headache and Migraine

Headaches due to a cough, cold  & sinus infections can be cured by uses of Holy Basil.
As per the study  - consuming Basil Tea relieves a Headache as explained at www.migrane.com.

9.  Premature Aging 

Holy basil contains excellent antioxidants like Vitamin C & A, Phytonutrients and essential oils that protect the body from all the bad effects caused by free radicals. In Ayurveda medicine, it is considered as a stimulant to retain youthful vigor and to avoid premature aging.

10.  Weight Loss

Holy basil is considered as a refresher for the body and mind.
Holy basil or Tulsi is very low in calories but high in essential nutrients, hence makes it the best natural remedy for weight loss. It is believed that drinking Tulsi tea or chewing fresh basil leaves on an empty stomach will help people lose weight and stay fit. Consuming Tulsi tea or leaves helps to improve digestion so it ensures proper bowel movement. It helps in the growth of probiotics in the body hence helps in the weight loss mechanism.
To use Tulsi for weight loss – Wash the fresh Tulsi leaves and boil them in water, add few basil seeds and two to three mint leaves and few drops of lemon to it. Drink this water early in the morning. This water can be consumed in hot or cold.

Detox power of Holy Basil

The natural detox ingredients and cleansers available in nature come with all the goodness of purity and quality. All you need to do is look into the kitchen. If you are born with a green thumb, then you should consider including holy basil in your container garden. This perennial shrub is renowned across cultures that span the length and breadth of the globe for its detox abilities. It is imperative today considering the number of pollutants that we are exposed to on a regular basis, at work, and at home, to address the need to keep the body free of these hazards as much as possible.

Even chewing on the fresh, crisp morning leaves of the holy basil help to detox the body and keep you healthy and fit. Beyond this attribute to the herb, you can keep common ailments like fevers, colds, and coughs at bay with the power of the herb. The herb grows well in all climatic conditions and thrives in the window box. The detoxing power of holy basil is something that is cost-effective and lifelong. While the sap of the herb keeps a face pack full of potent, the bark even cleanses stained teeth!

Sacred Basil is without a doubt a standout amongst other restorative herbs that have been found. It has marvelous values and therapeutic qualities.  So we should plant a Holy Basil in each house.

The information mentioned in this article is for educational purpose only and not to be considered as an alternative to medical advice. Please consult your medical consultant before adopting the suggested treatment. 
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