12 October, 2018

How to Control Hair fall ?- Part 2

How to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth 

10 Tips with Natural Ingredients - Part 2

The problem of hair fall in earlier times occurred after 35-40 years of age, but in the present day life, young people are struggling with the problem of hair loss.

Having long hair and black hair is equally important. In continuation of our article - How to Control Hair fall and Regrow Hair? Here is Part 2 with some more tips with natural ingredients.

Guava leaves

6. Guava leaves 

Boil the leaves of guava in one liter of water and boil until the water turns black. After this, filter the water, cool and apply it on to the hair roots. By applying this decoction repeatedly, you will get rid of the problem of hair loss in no time.


1   7. Hibiscus

i.e. flowers of Jaswant Hibiscus i.e. Jaswant's flowers are considered to be effective for any hair problem. For this, cook the jasmine flowers in coconut oil until the oil turns black. Allow this oil to cool down and apply it to the roots in the hair. Use this oil for head massage daily, hair loss will stop and all the problems related to hair will end.


8. Onion

 Onion juice is very beneficial in hair fall control. So cut the onions and massage them to the roots of the hair, or take out the juice and apply it to the hair roots. This will help you get rid of from the problem of hair loss. In fact, onion enhances the amount of collagen in the hair, which increases the hair growth.

9. Coconut milk : 

Coconut milk has Potassium, minerals, and Protein, which is very effective in hair loss treatment. Vitamin-E in coconut keeps hairs moisturized, which does not cause dryness.
How to use? -  Take a cup of coconut milk and add this milk to the root of the hair with the help of a brush. After properly applying, wrap the hair with a towel and leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it with a good shampoo.

     10. Neem water

It is well-known fact that Neem is excellent antibacterial so help get rid of dandruff.  A major cause of hair loss is an infection, Neem water makes the roots stronger by eliminating the bacteria present in our head.
 Take 10-15 Neem leaves and boil in a  vessel of water until the water is half of the original quantity. Bring this water to cool down. Now after shampooing the head, wash your hair with this neem water. Take home remedies once a week to prevent hair loss. 

I hope the above 10 Natural ingredients combinations will definitely arrest hair fall control and start hair regrowth process.  We will come back with some more tips soon. If you have not read Part 1 of this article please click here.