12 June, 2019

5 Home Remedies For A Cough

 Home Remedies For A Cough

Today I am writing about home remedies for cough. Coughing is one of the most common sicknesses people have been experiencing since almost the beginning of mankind. From the infants, adolescents and even the elderly, except that they had to treat their cough in one way or another. Of course, if you live in the city or urban areas of your place, usually you would opt to take medicines recommended by your doctor. However, for some who cannot afford to buy such, they would always turn back to the home remedies for cough.

1. According to research, Grapes are one of the most common fruits that can help you cure cough. The fruit is said to possess expectorant characteristics. It too enables the lungs to clear up easily as well as gives the person breathing relief. It is a recommendation that you drink around one cup of grape juice together with a teaspoonful of honey three times a day to cure the cough. Drinking carrot juice as well as sucking on a dry slice of ginger is also another one of our great home remedies for cough.

2. In addition, the ivy leaf syrup proves that it can cure 92% of the patients with bronchitis. Thyme is yet another one that you can use to treat your cough. It helps loosen phlegm that sometimes gets caught in your airways. 
Thyme too has thymol that has an antimicrobial characteristic. Some studies suggest that taking honey with lemon also cures cough. 

3. You can also use elderberry for your coughing problems. The aforementioned shrub contains antioxidants that help in stimulating the immune system of a person. In addition, it also has anthocyanins that reduce the inflammation that can cause blockage of the airways.

4. Essential Oils are of great help in relieving Cough. Since many of Essential oils contain antibacterial and antiviral compounds.  Few oils help to get rid of phlegm and relax the muscles of your respiratory tract. Eucalyptus and peppermint and lemon oil are the best essential oils for cough

Eucalyptus oil contains cinelose, which is a natural antiseptic and good expectorant. It helps to relieve mucus and expels phlegm easily. Homemade vapor rub- use eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil 4 drops each and apply two drops on your chest and back of your neck. This is one of the best Home Remedy for a cough.

5.   It does not really matter whether you choose the modern way or one of our own home remedies for cough. The important thing here is that you are able to handle such illnesses without being too paranoid about things. You too have to realize that when modern medicine fails to give you results, you can always go back to the traditional way of curing. You have to understand that people have their own reasons behind each decision that they make when it comes to their health. Just try to respect it and make sure that you back them up. 

When things do not go the way they plan it to be, comfort them and give them encouragement to try another one. There is no use in contemplating whether you spent tons of money. You just have to keep in mind that you have to get well soon with Home Remedies For A Cough

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