31 October, 2019

Simple Tips to Get Rid of Under-Eye Dark Circles in a Natural Way

Are you tired of seeing those dark circles under your eyes that make you look tired and older? I thought you might be as there are millions of other people as well who decide that they’re not simply going to accept that they have to live with dark circles and other signs of aging. The multi-billion-dollar cosmetic industry is proof of that. Through this article, I am going to tell you of some ways to get rid of under-eye circles naturally.

Under-eye dark circles that are usually dark and quite ugly are typically a result of the effects of stress, lack of sleep and lack of proper hydration in your body. They can also be hereditary.
Simple Tips to Get Rid of Under-Eye Dark Circles in a Natural Way

Causes of Dark Circles / Under Eyes

Are you fed up with seeing dark circles under your eyes and looking for a simple, preferably natural remedy to get rid of them? There are many natural solutions for dark circles under your eyes that we will have a look at here including under-eye dark circles cream and other treatments.

First, let’s look at dark circles causes as there are many possible causes of this issue;

1. Toxins – many times when you have toxins in your body the side effect is dark circles under your eyes so you would be wise to detoxify on a regular basis.

2. Thinning Skin – as we age the skin under our eyes becomes thinner which allows the blood vessels to become more visible which causes the appearance of dark circles.

3. Genetics – sometimes dark circles under the eyes runs in families. If your eyes are deep-set or you are fair-skinned they tend to be more noticeable.

4. Allergies – some people who suffer from allergies tend to get dark circles under their eyes partially from the excessive rubbing of their eyes.

5. Lack of Sleep – this is probably the most common reason that people get dark circles.

6. Iron Deficiency – can show up as bluish circles below your eyes

7. Dehydration – a symptom of dehydration is dark under-eye circles

8. Diseases – certain diseases cause dark circles under the eyes such as diseases of the kidney, liver, thyroid, and heart.

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  Natural Remedies for Under Eye Dark Circles

So here are 12 simple tips to get rid of under-eye circles with home remedies.

  1. Drink Water – Since a lack of proper hydration is one cause of these dark circles you want to consume as much water as you can throughout each and every day of your life. Water is essential to our bodies for so many reasons so make this a priority in your fight against dark under-eye circles and your body will benefit in other ways as well. Drink a lot of pure water (non-fluoridated and non-chlorinated is best if you can get this). Water helps to prevent dehydration as well as to flush toxins out of your body.
  2. Get Adequate Sleep – many people suffer from a lack of sleep in today’s fast-paced world and our bodies eventually show the effects of that in many ways, one of which is under-eye circles.
  3. Promote Proper Circulation – Poor circulation is one cause of dark under-eye circles and can be caused by many things. Smoking is one habit that causes poor circulation and could promote you from getting dark circles.
     Natural Remedies for Under Eye Dark Circles
  4. Slices of Cucumber – Freeze some slices of cucumber and apply to each eye for at least 10 -15 minutes.  Place a slice of cucumber over each eye and rest the eyes for about 10- 15 minutes. Some also use tea bags in this manner as well. This helps to reduce puffiness under your eyes as well as reducing the dark circles
  5. Natural Skin Care Products – You have to be very careful in choosing these as many products are promoted as “natural” but are anything but. Instead, they contain all sorts of harmful chemicals that could be damaging to your skin and make matters worse.
  6. Proper Diet – Get as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can into your diet as they contain natural enzymes, minerals, and nutrients that are beneficial for your skin as well as your overall health.
  7. Vitamin K – vitamin K has proven to be helpful for bruising so apply some in cream form to the area below your eyes to aid in removing dark under-eye circles.
  8.  Vitamin C – aids in strengthening blood vessel walls so supplement with vitamin C.
  9. Sunscreen – use sunscreen under your eyes to prevent sun damage which will weaken the skin in this area.
     Natural Remedies for Under Eye Dark Circles
  10. Tea Bags – you can apply a tea bag, some swear by using a hot tea bag and others by using a cool one so perhaps you might want to try both methods and see which works for you. It is suggested that you use only regular and not herbal tea bags.
  11. Iron – If your dark under-eye circles are a result of an iron deficiency you may want to take an iron supplement.
  12. Diet – you may want to increase your consumption of fiber which helps your body to move toxins through your system and eventually out of it. Also, consume dark green leafy vegetables as an excellent source of iron and other nutrients.

So there you have 12 tips on how to look after your skin and your overall health better in an effort to get rid of under-eye dark circles. I would highly recommend against using the majority of skincare products pushed on women for eye care or skincare in general. You need to remember that your skin is your largest organ and you need to pay special attention to it in order for it to be good to you in your later years.

Be sure to post a comment about what worked for you or if you know of any other natural remedies not listed here. Please feel free to share them here with others who are part of our community. Thanks for sharing.

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